Various Voices

Whether you need …

-    a corporate and authoritative read… 

-    a gentle and subtle voice…

-    a crazy character …

-    or an authentic accent, be it Australian, English, Irish, Scottish, or American (N.Y., L.A., Southern States)…

my professional, friendly approach to any job will always give you what you are looking for. 

My voice can be heard around the world on countless TV, radio and cinema commercials, corporate narrations and image films.

If required, I can record in my own studio with a variety of top-class microphones, compressors and  pre-amps in Logic Pro X or Pro Tools.



Have a listen, 

you’ll be surprised!

Billy Boy - "The Bad One"

All Voices

Character read

English accent, corporate read

American accent, character read

C&A True Stories - "Marsha"

L.A. accent, character read

English accent, theatrical read

English accent, cockney read

VW Touareg - "Western"

Both Voices

Texan accents, character read

Irish accent, character read

Scottish accent, character read

VW Group Night Beijing Trailer

Only Voice

American accent, character read

American accent, retail read

New York accent, character read

Southern accent, character read

Italian accent, character read




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Mobile   -   +49 179 209 5085

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Simply give me a call or email me and we can check out the different possibilities.


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