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About Me and why me ? :- )

With my 61 years of age I have an impressive 44 years of working experience in the professional audio and music industry. 


Starting in my home-country Australia, I quickly worked my way from TV spot and demo-recordings to complete album productions. 


Today, I can look back on almost 30 years of work for the European market  as a successful producer and sound engineer (with over 20 Gold and Platinum Awards), which includes - the recording of, - the creating of the sound design for, - and the mixing of countless documentaries, industry and image films.


Due to my world-wide experience, covering all music styles from Pop to Metal and from Classical to "Schlager", I can guarantee an improvement in quality for any mix in the areas of transparency, comprehensibility and above all pressure. 


For some songs it could be an improvement of 20%, for some, more than 100%.

But even if it's only 20%, isn't it worth making every effort to have a better chance against so much competition?


My countless contacts to studios of all categories (and the flexibility to obtain professional results in even the simplest equipped home studios and rehearsal rooms) makes it possible for me to find a solution for each and every budget.

Services and what I offer

Totally new mix of songs from existing tracks

Remix and rework of songs

Production consultation …

(Something missing? Backing vocals, lyrics, arrangement etc.)

Vocal-coaching & lyric check

Writing of english lyrics for existing songs

Recording of live concerts with re-working and mix in studio

Right through to completely new production and recording.

Credits and Sounds

As sound engineer:

No Angels    2 Albums - recorded & mixed

    No.1 and over 3 million sold in Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Peter Maffay            2 singles - recorded & mixed

Phil Collins        "Tarzan" german vocal recording for Disney

Lionel Richie                                single recorded & mixed 

Joshua Kadison    album recorded & mixed > Top 20 in Germany

Melissa Etheridge        single recorded & mixed > various chart entries in Europe

Lou Bega                 album mixed > Top 20 in Germany

Haddaway             single mixed > Top 20 in Germany

Megaherz              album mixed > Top 20 in Germany

Burn      album & singles recorded & mixed > Top 5 & Gold in Switzerland

Gölä         album & singles mixed > No.1 und triple Platinum in Switzerland

Mandoki         5 albums recorded & mixed > various chart entries in Germany 

Nena & Seb. Krumbiegel              single mixed

Red Bull "Hangar-7 Sound"    Volume          1 album mixed

Jennifer Rush    "Classics" album recorded & mixed > Top 50 in Germany

Piero Mazzocchetti     2 albums recorded & mixed > Top 20 in Germany

Bluatschink    10 albums recorded & mixed, Gold in Austria & various chart entries 

Florian Ast        3 singles mixed > No.1 and Platinum in Switzerland

Gil    2 albums recorded & mixed > Platinum in Thailand & Korea, Top 50 in Germany

Disney     “Atlantis" - Artists Inspired By Album mixes for Jeanette, DJ Bobo etc.

Disney      “Hercules"    German Sound Track recorded & mixed

Disney       "Mulan"          German Sound Track recorded & mixed

Engelbert Humperdink           2 albums recorded & mixed > Gold in Germany, Austria & Switz.

Die Schröders           Album Mix

Michael Fitz         2 albums recorded & mixed

Lisa Fitz               album recorded & mixed

Hot Dogs              Gregor Narholz - animated feature film score mixed

Ausseer Hardbradler        album mixed > Top 20 in Austria

Franz Benton            album mixed

Mark Boyce             album recorded & mixed > Gold in France

Lustfinger                 3 albums mixed

Milva                album recorded & mixed

Def Leppard              guitar recordings

Bayern München         club song und fan album recorded & mixed

TSV 1860 München          club song recorded & mixed

VFB Stuttgart            club song recorded & mixed

SpVgg Unterhaching         club song recorded & mixed

As producer:

Mike Majzen             "Black Electric" (album & singles) > single Top 10 in Austria

MO                     "Dancing With An Eskimo" (album) > single Top 10 in Austria

Golden Age             "Chains", (album & singles), > single Top 10, > album Top 50 in Italy 

Pacific Stereo             "Love You Girl" (single)

Jennifer Rush            "Sense & Sensibility" (single)

Supercharge             "Mad, Bad and Dangerous", (album & singles)

Jesus Messerschmitt         "Edelstahl" (album & singles)

Jesus Messerschmitt         "Bis Zum Anschlag" (album & singles)

Lustfinger                 "Alles Im Griff" (album & singles)

Twist of Fate             "Handful Of Songs" (album & singles)

SLANG                 "Hate Me" (album & singles)

Young & What              (album) 

I have worked for and with the following producers:

Kevin Mc Cormick         (Grammy winner, Melissa Etheridge)

Leslie Mandoki             (No Angels, Joshua Kadison)

Thorsten Brötzmann         (3rd Generation, No Angels)

Peter Ries              (N'Sync, No Angels)

Ben Rogan             (Sade, Etienne Daho) 

Dario Farina             (Milva)

Pete Woodroffe         (Def Leppard)

Axel Kroll                 (Nena, Die Prinzen)

Patrick Cox             (Zillertaler Schürzenjäger)...


and the following musicians:

Lionel Ritchie,             Phil Collins, 

Peter Maffay,             John Farnham,     

Chaka Kahn,             Melanie Thornten, 

The Brecker Brothers,     Al Di Meola, 

Nik Kershaw,            Jack Bruce (Cream),

Bobby Kimball (Toto)         David Clayton Thomas (Blood, Sweat & Tears),        

Steve Lukather (Toto),     Guru        

Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull),     Chris Thompson (Manfred Man), 

Phill  Collen (Def Leppard),     Many Elias (Tears for Fears),

Pino Palladino,             Alvin Lee, Glen Hughes (Deep Purple), 

Anthony Jackson,         Chuck Sabo (Elton John),

Phil Spalding (Seal, Elton John, Robbie Williams) ....



Goetheallee 51 

01309   -   Dresden

Mobile   -   +49 179 209 5085

Mail   -   spike@spikesound.com

Simply give me a call or email me and we can check out the different possibilities.

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